I finally got around to making prints of some procedurally generated images that I created in 2016 (!). Take a look:

Print 1

Print 2

Print 3

The program that brought these pictures into being is written in Java using Processing, a faboulus library for everything related to procedural art. Each picture is only 500px squared in size – the reason for this is that the images are generated pixel-by-pixel and all the gradients you can see are actually produced via dithering. There are plenty of fine-grained details to be found; you can get an idea of that by taking a close look at the second picture, there is a very fine grid spanning over the whole image. These three pictures are actually all small crops from a much bigger image, and I’d like to believe that it is clearly visible that they belong together.

Originally, I printed 4 series, but it turns out that even with a high DPI printer it can be pretty hard to get the colors to come out nicely for each single pixel. But I am very happy with how this one turned out :)