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Block Machine, 2017/2018

Block Machine is a difficult problem solving game in which your task is to build computers from blocks on a grid. Even though it is a programming game, it is unlike any programming language you have ever worked with: Everything is happening in parallel, code is data, control flow is implicit, and data movement is physical movement.

C#, Unity Engine

Exploring 65 years of music, 2017

This is a project from my nanodegree in Data Analysis at Udacity. I take a close look at 65 years of music (as collected by MusicBrainz and Discogs) and provide some insight into the development of music genres, track lengths, and release formats among other things. It includes some pretty plots :)

R, dplyr

Variations on Voronoi, 2016

Variations on Voronoi is a procedural art project I created in the Summer of 2016. It is an interactive toy based on a very simple algorithm to compute discrete Voronoi diagrams in pixel space. With the right parameters this creates astonishingly detailed pictures, generated pixel by pixel.

Java, Processing

Patterna, 2016

Patterna is a very difficult logic puzzle game in the veins of HexCells. Its most prominent feature is a very customizable random level generator that creates high quality puzzles using a hand-optimized constraint solving library. It also features a wonderful soundtrack by my friend Alex Cottrell.

C#, Unity

Gravvity, 2010

Gravvity is a generative art project I created in the summer of 2010. It lets users interactively create art by placing massive objects in space which then affect particles whose paths are traced over time. A crucial feature is that the user can always reset the canvas, which ensures that the same intial setup can lead to radically different results.

Java, Processing

Company of Heroes: Eastern Front, 2010-2015

Eastern Front is an unofficial expansion to Relic Entertainment’s 2006 game Company of Heroes. I worked on it as a programmer, pushing the boundaries of what was considered possible in CoH modding by fixing crashes and providing LUA scripting hooks for modders – all in hand-written x86 assembler without source code access.

C/C++, LUA, x86 ASM

Modding Tools and Patches, 2007 - ongoing

I have written modding tools and small patches for many games including Cities: Skylines, Company of Heroes, Dawn of War 2, The Patrician 4, and Act of War. I take particular pride in reverse engineering file formats, fixing crashes by debugging without source code, and empowering people more talented than me to create.

C#, C/C++, x86 ASM